The 25 Most Eligible Modern Orthodox Bachelors of 2011

The 25 Most Eligible Modern Orthodox Bachelors of 2011

Well, it’s that time of year again! No, I’m not referring to the start of tax season or the opening days of the Yeshiva University seforim sale. Rather, it’s finally time for the release of the most anticipated list of the year: “The 25 Most Eligible Modern Orthodox Bachelors of 2011.” Since I didn’t have the time to release this list last year, I wanted to make sure I got the 2011 rankings out early for all those eagerly waiting meidluch who want to get this year’s shidduch dating season off to a running start. Since 2009, some top bachurim got married or have girlfriends, while others have slipped through the cracks and are still on the market. There are also some newcomers to this year’s list who have spent the past year and a half refining their middot and stepping up their game in order to earn a spot on this esteemed list.

Rather than describe what characteristics make up a quality bachur, as I did in my 2009 list, this year I will write a VERY brief description on how each bachur earned their way on to this list. In doing so I hope to give each meidel an idea of which bachur may be shayich for them. Let’s get started:


(Note: All bachelors are equally ranked and have been sorted in alphabetical order by last name).


Arfe, Moshe – A tremendous ba’al chesed, voted as both “The sweetest guy on the Upper West Side,” and “The King of the Upper West Side,” Moshe has ascended the UWS social ladder to become the most well-liked and well-respected bachur in the community.

Caplan, Adam – A journeyman after graduating Yeshiva University spending time in Highland Park, The Heights, and Queens. “Cap” is now back in the Washington Heights scene and is actively seeking a shayich mate. Cap’s good nature, brilliance in the field of real estate, and top shidduch credentials make him one of the hidden gems in the singles community.

Douek, Daniel – Douek comes to the table with many top qualities (good looks, chiseled physique, and a brilliant mathematical mind), but one of his most impressive traits has to be his height of 6 feet 4 inches and his 100% pure Jewish genes. Seeing him tower over goyim in the streets is enough to make any fellow yid proud.

Eis, David – With a BS from Cooper Union and working towards his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, David Eis is as sweet and down to Earth as they come.

Eisenberg, Shlomo- Voted by many girls (and guys) to be the most eligible guy in Washington heights, Shlomo has the perfect blend of hotness (chiseled 6 ft 3 inch frame), smartness (Columbia Dental School), and athleticism (extreme bike rider, especially in the rain). With a strong love for the Holy Land, the Torah, and Taylor Swift, one wonders how this all-star bachur is still single?

Fischer, Benjamin – A refined Englishman with a law degree who spent time working in London, Hong Kong, and is currently finishing his LLM in NY. Mr. Fisher is fresh off the boat, but is in the States to stay, and is looking for a meidel to build that Bayi’s ne’eman with.

Frohlinger, Jordan – An observant Jew, a pilot, an out of towner, and an MBA candidate, JFro is the perfect combination for any meidel who isn’t looking for stereotypical Jewish Doctor, Lawyer, or Accountant. If you’re the kind of girl who is looking to spice things up, JFro just might be your bashert!

Frucht, Joey – Affectionately known as “The Rav” by his admirers, Joey’s naturally blonde hair, blue eyes, and out of town personality, make you forget that he is actually from the 5 towns.

Gabay, Elie – As a real estate mogul, a financier, and a part time model, Mr. Gabay came to YU from Vancouver as just another wide-eyed bachur looking to make his way. He has emerged as one of the most eligible Orthodox Jewish Canadian Bachelors in NYC.

Heller, Ben – With an MS in Computer Science and a champion cyclist, Ben’s out of town nature has led him to shun the limelight, but he still remains one of the topped ranked bachurim on the market.

Herschman, Yehuda – For all those Chicago girls that wish they lived in NY or the Chicago girls that long to move back home, Yehuda, a native NYer and a genuine sweetheart, flies below the radar as he works towards his medical degree in Illinois.

Horowtiz, Elie – A Rocket Scientist with an MBA who spent time working at NASA, shouldn’t overshadow the fact that Elie is a tremendous ba’al chesed and Talmud chacham. Did I mention that he worked at HASC?

Kaminetzky, Elliott – A marathon runner, a yoga instructor, and a health food enthusiast, “Combo”, as he is known amongst his followers, is currently embarking on his PhD studies in psychology. As sweet as a honeysuckle and as sharp as a tack, Combo is the type of bachur you just want to bring home to meet your Ima.

Kilstein, Yaakov – After spending time at several boutique investment firms, Yaakov is taking his 6 foot 2 inch frame to law school where he is looking to leverage his background on Wall Street to become a top M&A lawyer.

Lapin, Ari – Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a physique akin to a Greek god, Lapin has taken his talents to Baltimore as he pursues a career in medicine.

Leibowitz, Yoni – After spending some time at the prestigious Deloitte & Touche, “Leebs” decided to leave the corporate world for a short period of time to focus on Torah learning. He is currently transitioning to a role as an in-house auditor, where he plans to capitalize on his accounting background, while making more time for Hakadosh Baruchoo. A man that puts Hashem before his career, and refines his middot before his ego, is pretty hard to find.

Lerman, Noach – A supreme networker and a living legend, Noach is Vice President of a major North American Steel company, where he spends his time flying around the globe negotiating lucrative new contracts and searching for his bashert.

Lev, Michael – Often referred to as “The poseik of the UWS”, Mikey’s love for the state of Israel, and his passion for yiddishkite, along with his talents as a high powered finance executive have pushed Mr. Lev to the top of our rankings once again.

Lustiger, Elie – After going shana bet in Israel, Elie spent time in one of the most advanced shiurim at YU, followed by a stint as a researcher in Columbia University, which ultimately led him to medical school. However, all of Elie’s credentials should not overshadow the fact that he is in fact the undisputed sweetest guy in the world.

Raab, Yoni – After serving Eretz Yisroel for 3 years in an elite unit of the IDF, Yoni came to the States to pursue his degree at YU where he was instantly recognized as a world class cholent maker, internationally renowned hot tub builder, and legendary NCAA athlete.

Raskas, Jonah – From politics, to finance, to nonprofit organizations, Mr. Raskas has rose to the top of any organization he has affiliated himself with and has done so with class. Revered by many and respected by all, Jonah continues to inspire friends, colleagues, and adoring fans.

Rosenthal, Aaron – Whether it’s pumping iron, curing cancer, or watching chick flicks, this Philadelphia native has the word “shayich” written all over him!

Schnipper, Covey – Jake is well known as the “Tzadeik of Rutgers.” As the cornerstone of the Jewish community at Rutgers University for his 4 years on campus, Jake’s ability to bring yiddishkite to any environment is astounding. In addition to his commitment to Judiasm, kiruv work, and Torah study, Jake’s degree in Biomedical engineering, boyish good looks, and break dancing ability, leave most meidels that cross his path awestricken.

Small, Jamie – Pursuing an MBA in Real Estate and Finance, Mr. Small not only has incredible business intuition, but is also known for his respect for the meidels, his charm, and world class skills on the ski slope.

Westrich, Uri – Before “Westdawg” was interviewed by every major news station in the country and became a YouTube sensation, he was a medical student at one of the top schools in the country. Prior to that Westdawg received Valedictorian honors at Yeshiva University and, as if that wasn’t enough, he also served in the IDF. At the end of the day, none of the above accolades matter to me. Rather, what earned Uri a spot on this list is that he is the ultimate mench.


Meidels, as I leave you with this year’s list of top prospects, keep in mind that it is a fluke that these bachurim are still single. 10 bachurim from the 2009 list are either married or in a serious relationships. I’m willing to wager that by next year more than half of this year’s list will be off the market. As you take the opportunity to develop your approach for securing a date with one of these fine young men, I leave you with the following thought: “Holidays come and go. Clothes wear out. Bank accounts go up and down. But, a good husband lasts a lifetime.”* With that I wish you the best of luck, and of course happy stalking!


*Yes, this was partially taken from an ad I saw in the Subway.

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eitthegreat - February 15, 2011 at 2:27 pm CST

I love how you acknowledged that being an “Out of Towner” is a positive trait in a Bochur.

Moses...yes that one - February 17, 2011 at 5:29 pm CST

This list is very skewed because it does not include those of my people who are currently in our Holy Land. Check out Joshua Joseph – find him on Facebook, hit him up, and enjoy!

mhf - March 9, 2011 at 3:43 pm CST

This is amazing. You should do a girl version.

AAkbs2 - July 18, 2011 at 9:44 pm CDT

I got one of your top 10 of last year. You were right to put him on the list he really is the best!!! I couldn’t be luckier

scohen - December 27, 2011 at 3:16 pm CST

Haha I love this! Problem is these guys r still bachelors cuz u didn’t but up references and links in how to get in touch with some of these shark guys! What if I would consider dating one of them?!: instead of just hating the system work with it! Create shidduch profiles…


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