Last night I drove from Milwaukee to NY in order to make things right with my ex-girlfriend. I drank 10 red bulls and 6 frappachinos and started having hallucinations, so I had to pull over for the night to a motel 6. I accused the desk clerk that he stole my wallet (he didn't), I called an ambulance to come because of irregular heart beat (which I didn't have), and I puked all over the hotel lobby. When I got to NY I took my ex gf out for dinner and told her she could order whatever she wanted. She did and when I tried to pay my credit card got declined. She had to pay for our $150 dollar meal. Now I am in NY, broke, and have no gf. Not a very productive trip. IHSD
Posted by broke and wired on 07/24/2009 12:19 pm.

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